2nd ITO of B-Love Network is Done Successfully & 270 Billion Tokens are Burned







The second ITO of B-Love Network has been done successfully. After the ITO, 270 billion tokens are burned as well. The burning mechanism continues as it is a very necessary step to reduce the supply of BLV tokens and resulting in price appreciation.





In this burning, a total of 270 billion tokens are burned which is equal to 8100 million dollars. The total supply of BLV was 3 trillion and now it has decreased to 2.43 trillion after this second ITO and burning mechanism.


The owner of B-Love Network, Mr. Omar Khan has briefed that we have successfully burned the 10% supply of the BLV tokens on 3 May 2023. Due to this burning, the price of one BLV token has increased from $0.03 to $0.05. So now when you register for the B-Love Network app, you will get 100 BLV tokens which would be equal to $5.


Mr. Omar Khan also said that the burning process will continue for the upcoming 16.5 months. Also every month, 10% of the supply will be burned in order to increase the price of BLV tokens


Mr. Omar Khan also said that, in the next coming days, many big whales are going to participate in the B-Love Network. So it is a good thing to be prepared for it.


Also, Omar Khan announced that we have also launched the iOS version of the B-Love app on the Apple Store. So iOS users can now download the app on their iPhone or other iOS devices.


The next ITO will be done in June 2023. The third ITO will also reduce the 10% supply of the tokens. And the price of BLV tokens may go up to 10 cents on the next ITO.


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