B-Love Network 2nd ITO is Going to Happen on 1st May 2023







It is great news for all B Love members that we are going to arrange the second ITO of B Love Network on 1st May 2023. On this ITO, 1.5 billion tokens will be present. However, 2.5 Billion tokens were allocated on 1st ITO and they were distributed in just a few hours. So you need to be prepared in order to buy BLV tokens successfully before they run out of supply.


You need to buy 100000 BLV tokens if you want to participate in this ITO. So keep ready your stable coins like USDT or BUSD to swap these 100000 tokens. Also, there are only 15000 memes who can participate in this ITO due to the limited supply of the tokens.


During the last ITO event, many members were not able to get BLV tokens due to short supply so this time you have to be prepared before the 1st of May 2023. Keep your stablecoins ready to swap them with BLV tokens.


As you know XchangeOn is currently under maintenance and it is going to be a new version soon. So until that time, you can not buy or sell tokens on this exchange.


The burning of the initial supply will also take place right after the completion of ITO. And 10% of the initial supply will burn. Also, the 10% remaining supply will burn more in this month. So, after the burning, you will see the price of the BLV token at $0.05.


If you are already staking some tokens then you are going to get more profits after the burning. Because the price of BLV tokens is going from 3 cents to 5 cents. If you are holding 1000 tokens then you will get 1000 x $0.05 = $50 in USDT or BUSD. So this is going to be a great event. So do not forget to participate in this event.

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