B Love Network Reaches 9.25 Million Members

It’s a huge six beyond the ground! Yes, you read it right, we are now a community of 9.25 million members. B Love Network is now celebrating reaching 9.25 million users. Also, you should know that when we reach 10 million community members, all new users will not get free BLV tokens. 

However, today if anyone signs up for B Love Network, he will get free 100 BLV tokens worth $2. We also have an upcoming ITO and burning event of our token that will reduce the 10% of the total supply. So hurry up and get your free registration today before we reach 10 million users.

B Love Network Reaches 9.25 Million Members

Free BLV Tokens will Stop After the Registration of 10 Million User

We want to announce that we will not offer 100 free BLV tokens when we will reach 10 million members. So it is a limited-time offer for all users who want to get free tokens. Innovation Factory has decided to stop the free distribution of BLV tokens as a signup reward once the company completes the registration of 10 million users.

Get Registration Today Before Its Late

Are you still thinking about whether you should join or not? You need to download our app from the Google store and use the Referral code: 6CWLN7RNQ3 while you will be registering for the first time.

The benefit of using this referral code is that each member will get one hundred free B Love tokens. Then users can stake their coins for 500 days and get $1000 after 500 days. So you do not need to invest any money yet you can earn a huge amount from this earning app.

If you want to stay in touch with the latest news about B Love Network then you can check our new section. We publish all the latest updates and news on our official website to inform all our users. So keep in touch and keep reading the latest news.

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