B-Love Token 3rd Burning is Done







Another B-Love Token burning is done. The new price is $0.06 which is increased from $0.05. The burning mechanism continues to increase the price of the B Love token. We have seen the last ITO and burning in May 2023 where the price was increased from $0.03 to $0.05. But this time, the price has increased again and this time it goes to 6 cents. The price will continue to appreciate in the future due to the 10% burning of BLV tokens every month.


The owner and founder of Innovation Factory, Omar Khan has told us that we have successfully burned the 10% supply (243 Billion) of BLV tokens. Now the remaining supply is 2.187 Trillion.






The burning mechanism is very necessary for any crypto coin or token because this procedure increases the price of that particular token. A Burning is a term in crypto that means sending a specific amount of any token to an invalid address. The main purpose of this procedure is to cut short the total supply of that coin or token. The formula is simple, low supply, and high demand equal to an increase in price.


If you have staked your B Love tokens then your asset value is now bigger. Now you can sell or swap your tokens at a $0.06 price. If you bought the BLV token at $0.03 in April, now you would have doubled your earnings.




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