B-Love Token

B-Love Tokne (BLV) is a community-reward token that users can earn from the B-Love Network app. This token is based on BFIC Blockchain, a big Blockchain with other coins like USDB and BFI Coin. The token price is now increased due to burning. The initial supply was 20 billion tokens and it is burning every month. Each month, the 10% supply of this token is burned to reduce the total supply and increase the price of the BLV token.

The token will be listed on many crypto exchanges like Binance and OKX. The price will also appreciate during this time. So this is the time to invest and make money from this cryptocurrency token.

B-Love Token

The new era of cryptocurrency is now coming and you can get a chance to be a millionaire for the first time. The B-Love Network is offering a smartphone app that can make you rich. Now you can pay your mortgage, loans and buy a new home and health insurance as well. All you need to do is download and install the B-Love App on your phone and stake the B-Love tokens for 500 days.

B-Love Token
Initial Supply3 Trillion
Maximum Tokens20 Billion
Burning Ratio10% in a Month

After 500 days, you will get 500% ROI. That is a big opportunity for all the B-Love users. So be ready to take part in this cryptocurrency app and make money online without doing anything. You can also invite your friends and family members to get referral rewards. If any member joins under your referral code, you both will get free 100 BLV tokens.

So it is time to take action and stake the BLV tokens on the B-Love Network app. The app is free to download and you can download it for Android and iPhone.

What is a LoveWallet?

What is a Love Wallet?

LoveWallet is just like other decentralized cryptocurrency wallets, MetaMask and Trust Wallet to store and swap cryptocurrency. It is a native wallet for B-Love tokens that are only designed and developed for the BLV tokens.

Using this wallet, users can store their B-Love tokens and swap them for other coins like Bitcoin or USDT. Not only that but using this decentralized multi-chain wallet, users can store NFTs as well. So if you have some NFTs or a bulk quantity of BLV tokens, then the Love Wallet is the best and most secure place to store them.

How to Buy B-Love Token?

If you want to buy B-love tokens then there are two ways to do so. Here we will describe both ways.

  1. Buy with Cryptocurrency Exchanges
  2. Buy from your Upline Users

So let’s dig out deeper and see how to buy these tokens using both methods.

1) Buy BLV Tokens with XchangeOn (ITO)

The first method is to use the cryptocurrency exchange that is XchangeOn. We already have a detailed guide on XchangeOn so if you want to read more about it you can click on XchangeOn and read a detailed guide.

Buy BLV Tokens with XchangeOn (ITO)

However, the method to buy the token using this exchange is simple, and here is how you can do it.

  1. Download and install the XchnageOn app on your phone.
  2. Now register an account on this exchange.
  3. Go to the initial token offering (ITO).
  4. Now deposit fiat currency to buy BFICoin that you need to swap for B-Love tokens.
  5. Now swap these BFICoin for B-Love tokens and that’s it.

1.1) Buy BLV Tokens with Dexa Exchange

If you do not want to use the ExchnageOn exchange to buy this token then you have another exchange that is Dexa. However, Dexa is a decentralized exchange where you can trade crypto and NFTs.

  1. Go to the website of Dexa and register an account.
  2. Now you need to connect your Love Wallet with this exchange.
  3. Go to the dexa.exchange/swap section and start swapping.
  4. You can swap USDB and BFICoin for BLV tokens.

2) Buy Tokens from your Upline Users

Now this is the easiest way to buy B-Love tokens. Here you need to contact your upline user and ask him/her to sell you BLV tokens. He/she will respond to you and you can trade for these tokens. However, you need to be conscious.

Also, you can join the WhatsApp groups of B-Love Network where you can find many admins who are selling these tokens on a local level. So you can contact them and ask them to sell you B-love tokens.

When Will Be the Next Burning and ITO of BLV?

The burning and ITO of the B Love token are done every month. Hence the price of this token is increased every month. Due to a 10% supply burn after every 30 days, the price of BLV tokens is going up and up continuously.

To check the current price of BLV tokens you can check our B-Love token price page which is updated every month with the new price.

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