BLV Token Price

BLV token is going to the moon. Everyone is talking about this coin. We will see more price appreciation in the next few days. If you are not sure about the BLV token price then you need to read this article. 

B-Love token is a part of the B Love Network smartphone app. As you know you can earn real cash via staking your BLV tokens online. So we will discuss all the important things about the price of this coin and we will also see how high the price can go in the next few months. So hang tight and read this price guide properly.

BLV Token Price in Pakistan, UAE, India, and USA

BLV to PKRRs. 17.08
BLV to INRRs. 4.93
BLV to USD$0.06
BLV to BDT6.45 Taka
BLV to AED0.22 Dirham

BLV token price is $0.06 per token. Also, you will get 100 BLV tokens when you register with our referral code. You can use this referral code below:

Referral Code for 100 BLV Tokens: D8YJNPKK1L

Use the above code and sign up with B-Love Network to get free tokens. You can use these 100 tokens to stake and earn 500 in return. It is a wonderful system that you can use to earn passive income for your daily needs.

How to Get BLV Token?

There are two methods to get BLV tokens. One is free so you can use the above referral code and sign up for an account. However, if you want to invest money in this project then you need to buy more coins from cryptocurrency trading exchanges. We will guide you through. So keep reading the guide.

How to buy B-Love Tokens?

This is the complete and simplest guide that you will find on the internet about how to buy BLV tokens. So follow these steps:

First of all, you need to sign up with XchangeOn. It is a cryptocurrency trading platform. The registration process is very simple. All you need to do is download their app from here and install it on your Android phone.

Once you installed the XchangeOn app, now you need to register an account and verify it with your ID card or driving license. After that, deposit BFIC in your account. You will need BFIC to buy BLV tokens. You need to first buy BFIC with BUSD pair.

swap trade
BFIC to BLV swapping
  1. Open the XchangeOn app and go to the swap trading section.
  2. Choose BFIC in the “From” section and BLV will automatically be added in the “To” section.
  3. Enter the amount of BLV that you want to swap.
  4. Now tap on Get Quote.
  5. Your BLV tokens will swap and you can use them.

Once you have purchased the tokens, it’s time to send them to your b-love app. And here is how to do it:

  1. Open the B-Love app and go to the home screen.
  2. Tap on the deposit option.
  3. Now tap on BLV tokens.
  4. Copy your BLV token address.
  5. Now open the XchangeOn app and go to the withdrawal section.
  6. Select the BLV token that you want to withdraw.
  7. Now past the copied address in the withdraw address bar.
  8. Tap on withdraw and that’s it.

Now you will have new BLV tokens in your B-Love app. So you can use these tokens for taking. If you are not sure how to stake BLV tokens then don’t worry we also have another guide for you.

How to Stake BLV Tokens?

Staking is very crucial in B-Love Network because you can not earn a 5x reward until you stake your tokens. Moreover, with BLV staking, you can increase your profit. So read this step-by-step guide to stake your tokens:

how to stake blv tokens

You need to use BFIC coins as a gas fee when you stake your BLV tokens. So you need to have some BFIC coins as well in order to stake your coins.

  1. Open the B-Love network Android app.
  2. Tap on stake BLV.
  3. Enter the desired amount of BLV tokens that you want to stake.
  4. Remember that, you need to enter the amount very carefully because, once you stake the BLV tokens, you can not un-stake it before 500 days.
  5. Now tap on stake now and that’s it.

Your BFI coins will be deducted as a gas fee and your BLV coins will go to the staking section that you can check via the statistics bar.


What is a BLV token?

BLV token is a cryptocurrency token that you can use to stake and earn 500x reward in 500 days.

How to swap BFIC to BLV?

You will need to make an account on XchangeOn and there you can swap BFIC to BLV easily.

What is the BLV network price?

The current price of the BLV network is $0.06.


In conclusion, we would like to say that the BLV token price will go higher in the coming time so you can take advantage of this app as soon as possible. Currently, the price is $0.06 per token which will definitely go higher very soon. So before it gets too late, you should try this app now. If you have any confusion or question, you can ask us in the comment box.


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