Celebrating 10 Million Downloads of B-Love App

Congratulations (बधाई हो) (مبارک ہو) to all B-Love users as we have finally reached 10 million communities. It is a great day for the community of B-Love Network. A few days ago, we hit 9.25 million users and today we have reached 10 million in just a few days. So this is a big milestone for everyone. Also, the owner of B Love Network Mr. Omar Khan has done an online conference where he celebrated the success of this network.

Power of 10 Million Members

Power of 10 Million Members

If we think about this then we are now a community of 1 crore members from all around the world. We launched this app in January and today is April 2023, this Android app for making money online has gained 1 crore members or active users.

The power of 10000000 members will not be a normal thing. We can do many things together. We can sell even 1 crore plastic water bottles all over the world. We can pay our mortgage and loans, we can buy a new car and a home, and much more.

The Signup Reward of 100 Free BLV Tokens Is Discounted Now

As we already mentioned in previous days, when we hit 10 million members, we will not get 100 BLV tokens as a reward. This is because the free quota of BLV tokens has finally ended. Now all users need to mine their coins and then stake them.

Currently, about 4000000000 tokens are staked on the B Love network and there are 1 crore and 4 lacs signups. We are also minting almost $1500000 worth of BLV tokens daily in the market.

So there is no doubt that it is a big milestone that we have covered with strong efforts and community power. Also, on a happy occasion, many offers are waiting for you. Bookmark this website so you can get all the latest news about the B Love network.

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