Innovation Factory – B-Love Network’s Parent Company

Innovation Factory is a company that is based on technology and cryptocurrency. The company is based on IT professionals, developers, and marketers. The owner of this company is 8 people from different countries of the world. The basic principle of this company is to make money from modern ways like crypto trading, digital marketing, and leveraging decentralized platforms to earn revenue.

As we all know, before Covid-19, the marketing rules were different However, after the post-Covid-19 era, the ways of branding and advertising were changed. Now, we are in the third generation of marketing. Before that, we have seen decentralized systems that empower the brands. It is also called a helping plan.

But now we have entered the fourth generation of marketing that is offered by Innovation Factory. We will discuss all the basics of this company and what are the big projects that are developing and growing under the umbrella of Innovation Factory.

What is an Innovation Factory?

Person NamesDesignation in Innovation Factory
Brian PayneCTO
Christopher MarshallCFO
Jake UnderwoodBack-end Engineer, Solidity Developer
David PetersFull Stack Engineer
Chloe HughesFinancial Controller, Data Analyst
Max ReidCMO Hipster
Eerik RaudAdvisor
Martin RobinsonAdvisor

Innovation Factory is a new tech-based company that is revolutionizing the world with new methods of marketing and making money with crypto. It is an ecosystem that aims to provide a financially independent platform to common people so they can earn money with 100% transparency.

The company has many child projects like B-Love Network. It has many successful projects like BFIC and B Love.

Big Projects of Innovation Factory

Here are some of the successful projects of Innovation Factory. Let’s see:

Big Projects of Innovation Factory

B-Love Network

B-Love Network is a fresh project of Innovation Factory. It was launched in January 2023. The project is based on cryptocurrency. It is a crypto token that is called B Love token or BLV token. The app has gained over 10 million users in just a few months. Also, people are loving this project in India and Pakistan.

BFI Coin

The second most famous and successful project of Innovation Factory is BFIC. BFI is a decentralized project. It has a maximum supply of 5.1 million. It is also based on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain system. So it means there are almost no fee charges or gas fee deductions when you transfer funds from one wallet to another.


XchangeOn is a P2P unique crypto exchange. It allows users to buy and sell crypto coins in their own local currency. With the help of the P2P exchange system, users can sell or buy any crypto coin like Bitcoin or BNB with their local currency in Pakistan users can buy Bitcoin with Pakistani rupees. It is also insured for theft and scam so users will get a refund if any mishaps happen. It also offers a zero-fee system so it is a great exchange.


The third project is B-Bonds. You must have heard about Bonds but this is a Bitcoin bond that is also based on a decentralized finance (DeFi) system. The project is reliable and secure and there is no involvement of any government or corporations. The involvement of such authorities only raises the risk of defaulting so with a decentralized system, people can actually own their money.


Bulleto is a verified smart contract on the Binance smart chain. It is also decentralized and no one owns it. It is one of the first smart contracts that has an ecosystem as well. It uses the matrix structure so anyone can earn through this project. Also, users will get free BFI tokens when they buy this system.

Insured Trading

Insured Trading is a project for future traders. It has a slogan “Future without Fear”. This project is offering a 30% refund in case when your trading account gets liquidated. However, you need to pay 1% of your total amount as a fee to get this insurance.

1st Investment

1st Investment which has the slogan “Open your own crypto bank” is another big project of Innovation Factory. It is a customized ROI plan where you can decide whether you need ROI on daily bases, weekly bases, or monthly bases. It will give you total freedom to choose the referral reward ratio as well. You can also get instant cash withdrawals.

So these are some of the best projects of Innovation Factory and we hope you will also like our other projects.


As you can see, Innovation Factory is a big company that has covered many small and medium-level projects including B-Love Network. The owner of this company is Omar Khan (OK) who is a crypto expert. If you have any questions about the Innovation Factory or projects of this company, you can ask us via email.


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