Pending Rewards are Now Available! (New Update)







Last night the owner of B Love Network announced that the pending rewards from March are now available. If you are desperately waiting for the pending rewards of BLV tokens then your luck is now shining. If you haven’t checked your B Love app then check it now to see how much earning you have made in the last month. 


This is good news for all B Love members. Now you can withdraw your money and pay your debt and mortgage. If you are living in Pakistan, then you can also pay your bank loans and credit card loans. However, if you are living in the USA then you can pay for your home mortgage easily.



Withdraw your Pending BLV Money Now



Pending Rewards are Now Available



Have you checked your B Love app today? If not then hurry up and check out and see how much money you have earned from last month. All pending rewards like referral rewards, staking rewards, and all other rewards are now added to your account. 


It’s time to celebrate and enjoy your income. Now spend this money on shopping, and gift cards, pay your credit card bills, and make a tour of Dubai and Turkey with your family.

How to Withdraw BLV Tokens?


As of now, most of your BLV tokens are in staking so you need to un-stake them before withdrawing them. The staking period is 500 days and after that, you can get 5x rewards. Suppose you have staked 100 BLV coins and after 500 days, you will get 500 BLV tokens as a staking reward.


To withdraw your earnings, you need to make an account on ExchangeOn and then send your tokens there. On that cryptocurrency exchange, you can trade your coins for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and USDT as well.


Soo the token will be listed on many big exchanges like Binance and Coinbase so you can use these exchanges as well. However, you need to wait for some time before this token list on these exchanges.

A Great Cryptocurrency Future Ahead


B Love Network is going to change the meaning of cryptocurrency. It is 2023 and the app of B Love Network has already reached 10 million members this month. So this project is going to make history in the world of crypto. 


If you are connected to this network then you may be the next cryptocurrency expert. If you know that there are many millionaires in the world who became millionaires with Bitcoin.

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