Win a Trip to Dubai With B Love Network (New Offer)

As we just crossed the 10 million members community the owner of B-Love Network, MR. Omar Khan has announced an offer. In the excitement of a great milestone, Mr. Omar Khan has presented a great offer to the users of B-Love Network. So yes, you can now win a trip to Dubai for free. All the expenses will be on B-Love Network and you will visit Dubai for free. This is big news for all the members who want to get something extra from their app.

If you are reading this article then you should be aware that now there is a family of 1 crore members. To celebrate this occasion, members can get a tour of Dubai without any cost. However, you need to participate in this offer so you can win a tour of Dubai. Let’s see what are the requirements to take part in this offer.

Congratulation to All Members and Team of B Love Network

This is all done due to the love boding of all the members. We can not cover this milestone without the true love of all members and the supporting team as well. The team is working hard to bring all the opportunities for all members so they can adopt a better lifestyle.

How to Participate in a Dubai Trip Offer?

The rules of this offer are simple. All you need to do is just refer more members and you can get a chance to get a free trip to Dubai. Here is what you exactly need to do:

Win a Trip to Dubai With B Love Network
  1. Every member needs to refer 10 new members daily.
  2. You need to make 10 sign-ups in 24 hours.
  3. You need to keep referring new members from 5 April 2023 to 5 May 2023.
  4. If you fail to refer ten members daily then you will be out of the competition.
  5. There is no condition of BLV tokens or staking in these 10 accounts.

So every member needs to refer to 10 new members in one day and for one month. If anyone misses any day of the month, he/she will not be able to participate in this offer.

So guys hurry up and start referring new members and win a full fledge tour to Dubai.

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