B Love Network Private Key Recovery Guide

If you are a user of B-Love Network then you must know that a B Love Network private key is very crucial for you. It is a key that will help you to recover your account if you have uninstalled the B Love app accidentally. You will also need this key to sign in to your B Love app account. However, we are constantly receiving queries about how to recover the B Love Network private key. So that is why we decided to write a complete guide on this issue. So this is a guide about B Love Network’s private key recovery. You can follow the guide and recover your account easily.

B Love Network Private Key Recovery

What is a B-Love Network Private Key?

B-Love Network private key is a secret code for each member. This code will save the user’s account from being hacked and stolen. This is a combination of digits and letters just like a Bitcoin address. This private key is allocated to all users when they sign up for B Love and then users need to save this key in a safe place.

Every member receives a unique key and the user needs to keep it safe so he can use it when he needs it. However, if you have lost your key and now you are worried about your funds then you need to read this guide.

How to Save B-Love Private Key?

The saving process is very easy. When you are going to sign up for the B Love app, you need to make sure that you use the referral code to get free BLV tokens. Secondly, you need to pay attention to the private key so you can save it on your phone and any other place like your drawer or locker after making a printout of that key on paper.

Here are some ways to save your private key effectively:

  • Save the PDF File: The first and easiest way to save the private key is to save the PDF of your key on your phone. You can save a PDF file when you will be registering for the B Love account. At that time, save the file as a PDF on your phone’s memory and keep it on your phone.
  • Save on Google Cloud: Google Cloud is a very good and free service. It will allow you to save your documents and files on their server which is very secure. So make a copy of your key and upload it to the Google Cloud server.
  • Print Out the Key on Paper: You can also print the key on paper and then keep that paper in a safe place like your bank locker or private drawer.
  • Take a Screenshot: Another way to save your key is to take a screenshot of your key and then keep it in your phone’s gallery.

So these are some of the effective ways to save your private key and use it when you need it. Now we will see how to recover the private key easily.

How to Recover the B Love Network Private Key?

So here is the method to recover your private key. Let’s see how to do B Love Network private key recovery in just a few simple steps:

  1. Open your smartphone and go to File Manager.
  2. Now go to Phone Storage.
  3. Find the download folder here and tap on it.
  4. Now you will see the “B Love Network Folder” that you need to open.
  5. Inside the folder, you will see a file with the name “privateKey.pdf”.
  6. Just tap on the file to open it.
  7. Here you can see your private key and use it to login to your account.

Note: If you have formatted your phone or reset it then you will not be able to recover the private key in any case.

So this is the short and easy way to recover your lost private key in just a few steps. If you have formatted your phone’s storage then there is no way to recover your key. This is recommended that you should keep your key in a safe place because this is very important for your funds.


How to recover B-Love Network private key?

The recovery of lost or forgotten private key is easy. You just need to find the private key pdf file on your phone and that’s it. We already have explained the complete method above.

I am facing a private key error, what to do?

If you are facing a private key error then you need to update the B Love app to the latest version. Try to use the latest version and then provide the private key once again. We hope this time you won’t see any errors.

How to download B Love private key?

You can download the PDF file of a private key on your phone’s storage. Just tap on the download private key when you are registering on the B Love app and save the file on your phone.

Why do I need a private key or validation code?

You will need a private key or validation code to login to your account. Without the key, you can not login to your account and that means if you have funds in your account, you can not access those funds.

Can I use my password as a private key replacement?

No, you can not use your account password as a private key replacement. Your B Love account password and private key are two different things so you need to provide the key when you will be asked to provide the key.


One thing to keep in mind is that your private key is just like your funds. Because you can not open your account without the private key so you need to keep it safe. If you want to know how to keep a key safe then we have also provided some tips for you. We hope this guide will help you to recover your lost key and now you can start making money again.


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