How to Deposit and Withdraw BLV Tokens?







BLV tokens are community tokens by B Love Network. It is a cryptocurrency token or coin that you can use to stake and earn rewards. If you want to get BLV coins, then you can register with the B-Love network and you can collect free tokens. However, if you want to get more quantities then you need to deposit them from the XchangeOn cryptocurrency exchange. Also, if you want to withdraw your tokens, you can sell them on the same exchange. In this article, we will see how you can withdraw and deposit these tokens.

How to Deposit BLV Tokens on App B-Love App?


The process of depositing BLV tokens is very easy. You can follow this guide:


If you are using BLV coins for the first time then you will need to make an account on XchangeOn because it is an exchange where this token is listed for trade. As you know, for buying and selling any cryptocurrency, you will need to make an account on a trading exchange. So when you get registered with the exchange, your next job is to deposit your tokens.





  1. Open the XchangeOn account and go to the trading section.
  2. Here you need to trade for BLV tokens so you can get these tokens.
  3. You can use BUSD or USDT to buy these tokens.
  4. Also, you will need BFIC coins to pay the fee for the withdrawal transaction.
  5. Once you buy the tokens, you need to go to the withdrawal section and withdraw your tokens.
  6. For this withdrawal transaction from XchangeOn to your B-Love app, you will need a BLV token address.
  7. Go to your B-Love app and tap on the deposit button.
  8. It will give you a QR code and a written BLV token address.
  9. Copy the address and paste it on XchangeOn.
  10. Now confirm the transaction.


In this way, you will get BLV tokens on your B-Love app and hence you can stake them for making money and profits.

How to Withdraw BLV Tokens from B-Love App to XchangeOn?


The withdrawal process is vice versa of the deposit process. All the steps that you have followed in the deposit method will be used in the withdrawal method as well. But this time, we will go the opposite of the deposit method.

  1. Open your B-Love app and tap on withdraw.
  2. Now also open the XchangeOn account and tap on the deposit section.
  3. Now choose the BLV token and copy the BLV token address.
  4. Paste this address back into the B-Love app’s BLV withdrawal section.
  5. Tap on withdraw and your funds will transfer from your B-Love app to XchangeOn.


So now you can see how easy it is to deposit and withdraw BLV coins. You can do it with the help of our guide.



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