Token Rewards

Do you know that B-Love Network is offering 5x token rewards? Yes, you read it right, this crypto staking app is offering 500% ROI when you stake your B-Love tokens through a community reward program. The reward program is based on daily rewards. So it means, you will get daily rewards when you stake your tokens on this app.

How to get Token Rewards?

If you want to get 5x token rewards then you need to stake BLV tokens using the B-Love Network app. If you do not have the app then you need to download the app from our website. After installing the app, you can use our referral code to get free 100 B-Love tokens on signup. Also, you can use these B-Love tokens to stake and earn token rewards.

Token Rewards

Another way to earn the rewards is by investment. You need to invest money to buy BLV tokens and then stake them to get rewards. To buy the tokens, you can read our guide on how to buy BLV tokens and follow the guide.

What is the Rewards Ratio?

The rewards are based on the amount that you invested. However, the total ROI is 500% that you will get in 500 days. For instance, if you have invested $100 into this app, you will get $500 after 500 days. So it is a 5x rewards program in 500 days.

Also, besides the 500 days rewards, users will get 1% daily rewards. These are inclusive of the 500 days rewards. So overall, it is the best reward program that you can get in 2023. Do not get this opportunity to go from your hands and make some real money right now.

Earn Rewards with Referrals

B-Love Network is also offering associate or team rewards. These are the rewards that users can earn by referring their family members and friends to this app. When they sign up for the B-Love network using your referral code they will get 100 free BLV tokens and you will also get rewards.

So it is the best way to get some free rewards if you do not want to make investments in this program. Just copy your referral code and share it anywhere on the web like Facebook, WhatsApp groups and Twitter, etc. 

So when a user will join this app using your referral code, you both will get free token rewards. Also, this method is free and you can make as many BLV tokens as you want.

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