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The B-Love Network referral code is a code that users can use while Signup for B-Love Network using the app. But why do users need to use this code? Well, when a user uses a referring number while the registration, he will get free BLV tokens as a signup reward. So if you are wondering where to get this number then we have listed our referring code below that you can use to make free money instantly.


This is a guide along with referring code for all our users of the B Love Network app so that can not miss the chance to get free money as a welcome bonus. So be ready and follow the guide below. Thanks for choosing us!



Use B-Love Network Referral Code And Get Free BLV on SingUp



Referral code



You must be wondering what is the code to get free B-Love tokens then here is the code:


Referral code: D8YJNPKK1L


If a user will use this referring code, he will get 100 free tokens from us. These tokens are worth $2. However, you can stake these tokens for 500 days to get a 500% profit. Now the price of this coin is low but it already doubled in recent months. You can take advantage of this opportunity to get free coins for staking.


Make sure that you copy this above-listed code and paste it when you do sign up for B Love App for our community network. If you forgot to use a referral code while making your new account, you will not get any free money. So make sure that you have provided the code when you will be getting register with our app.

What is B-Love Network App?


In January 2023, BFIC blockchain launched a new coin BLV token. It is the project of B-Love Network and the token is based on the BFIC blockchain network. Actually, B-Love Network is offering an app that is called B-Love Network app. With the help of this smartphone app. users can stake and get rewards on staking. The token that the user can stake is BLV. It is the main token of this network that is growing very fast.


Users can stake their tokens and get a 0.80% reward on their taking daily. The app has a very easy and sleek interface to facilitate the stakes of BLV tokens. It has an easy-to-understand UI and its features are also very cool.


On the home screen of this app, users can see four navigations:

  1. Home
  2. Statistics
  3. Team
  4. News


These are the four main navigations that users can use to explore the app. On the main screen, users will also see earned BLV tokens and their value, the price of BLV tokens, total earned BLV tokens, and a big heart shape where users can view their staking percentage.


There are also two buttons on the main screen. One is for deposit and the other is for withdrawal. You can check out how to withdraw and deposit BLV tokens in your app on our blog.

How to Stake BLV Tokens?


The staking process of BLV tokens is very easy. Once you have got tokens in your account, you can stake them without any restrictions. To start staking, please follow this process:


Note: you will need BFIC tokens in order to stake your BLV tokens. BFIC will be used in gas fees.

  1. Open your B-Love app
  2. Deposit BFI coins if you do not have any
  3. Go to the home screen and tap on the “Stake BLV” button
  4. Now choose the amount that you want to stake
  5. Once you enter the amount, tap on the stake amount button
  6. Now go back to the home screen and tap on Statistics to see your staked tokens


So this is how you can stake your tokens and earn 5X rewards. However, you need to know that once you stake your tokens, you can not un-stake them before 500 days time period of staking. It is a standard time for staking. And after this staking period, all our users will get 500% profit on their staked coins.

How to Make Money with the B Love Network App?


To make money with the B love app, you do not need to invest at all. All you need to do is just sign up with B-Love Network and start making money through staking. You will get 100 BLV tokens when you first register with this network.


However, you need to sign up with a referral code in order to get the signup bonus. When you will get 100 BLV, all you need to stake them, and your 100 BLV tokens will convert to 500 BLV tokens when you stake them for mining.

Levels and Reward Percentage of B-Love Network Referral System

B-Love LevelsRewards Percentage


What is Referral Code for B-Love Network?


The referral code for B-Love Network is an invitation code that users send to their friends and other new members. Using this code, users can get free BLV tokens on signup.

What is B-Love Network App?


The B-love network app is a new earning app for Android. It allows users to stake tokens and get 500% ROI.

How will I get a referral code?


You can use our referral code D8YJNPKK1L to join our community. We are a BLV token community so you can join us anytime and get free money.

Wrapping Up


So here we are going to wrap up the things. We are very hopeful that all of our beloved users will now get their free BLV token with the help of using the B-Love Network referral code that we have mentioned above. If you haven’t signup with our network then it is time to be a part of our beloved community. So what are you waiting for? Get in now and get started making money online. And if you want any help or support, we are available for you.

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