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Have you heard about crypto wallets? Like MetaMask and Trust Wallet? If yes then LoveWallet BFIC is just another cryptocurrency wallet where users can keep and swap their crypto coins like Bitcoin or Ethereum. However, if you are a B-Love Network user then you should download and install this app too. Love Wallet is a native wallet for B Love tokens to hold and trade them.

This wallet is based on a most secure algorithm so users can rest assured about the security of their funds. Also, B Love app users can store, swap and send their BLV tokens easily using this wallet app.

Users can download the app from Google Play Store and start saving and swapping their favorite crypto coins and NFTs without any issues.

Download LoveWallet BFIC

The first thing is to download the LoveWallet BFIC app from Play Store. The app is available on Google Store where all the Android users can download it. Just follow my steps to download the app.

download LoveWallet
  1. Open the Google Play Store and navigate to the search bar.
  2. Now type “LoveWallet BFIC” in the search box and tap on the search icon.
  3. Check the LoveWallet BFIC developed by Blockhub Ltd. and you only need to download this developer’s app.
  4. Tap on the app icon to start the downloading process.
  5. After one or two minutes, the app will be downloaded and installed on your mobile.

What is LoveWallet BFIC?

LoveWallet BFIC is a project of Innovation Factory. There are also many other projects that are developed under the umbrella of Innovation Factory like XchnageOn, BFIC, and B-Love Network. This is a cryptocurrency app wallet that supports many decentralized crypto wallets. Using this digital wallet, users can store their crypto assets and they can also trade them with other coins anytime.


Also, the owner of this project is Mr. Omar Khan and he is managing all the projects under one name which is “Innovation Factory”. The wallet is based on the latest security protocols so users can be worry-free when it comes to saving crypto coins and NFTs.

Features of Love Wallet

Love Wallet is not an ordinary wallet as there are many great features in this app. You can see some of the greatest features below:

  • ❤️ Buy and Store Bitcoin: If you are a Bitcoin investor, you can use this app to buy, trade, sell, and store your Bitcoin asset without any issues.
  • ❤️ All in One: No matter what type of crypto asset you want to store or swap, this wallet has everything for you.
  • ❤️ Real-Time Charts: Want to stay up to date with the real-time chart data of your favorite coins? This app will show you all the charts that you can use to make a wise trading decision.
  • ❤️ Foolproof Security: We all know that security matters a lot when it comes to cryptocurrency. So you can get peace of mind when you are using this app to store your assets. However, this is a claim of Love Wallet and you need to do anything at your own risk.
  • ❤️ ️Buy Crypto With Debit/Credit Cards: If you are wondering how to buy a crypto coin with fiat currency then you can use your own debit or credit card. Just add your card to this app and buy as many coins as you want.
  • ❤️ Swap Instantly: Do you want to swap a coin with another? Just use this app and swap from one coin to another instantly.

How to Register an Account on a Love Wallet?

Now let’s see how to create a wallet account on Love Wallet. Just follow these steps:

❤️Step 1❤️

After downloading and installing the app, now you need to open the app for the first time and get ready for creating an account on the Love Wallet app. So open the app and you will see the text “Private and Secure” and below that you will also see two buttons. On the left side, there will be a button with a “+” sign so tap on it to start the registration process.

❤️Step 2❤️

Once you tap on the “+” sign, you will see a new screen where you need to choose the passcode for your wallet. You can set any digits that you want. However, you need to choose 6 digits to make your passcode.

❤️Step 3❤️

Now it is time to save your recovery phrase. You will now see some unique and random words that you need to save in the same order. Note that this will be your recovery phrase for your wallet that you need to keep safe and private. Never share your key with anyone.

❤️Step 4❤️

Finally, the last step is to set up your account. Now you have successfully registered an account on Love Wallet however you can now customize your wallet just the way you like it.

How to Swap Coins on a Love Wallet?

If you want to swap coins on your Love Wallet then here is the guide that you can follow:

  1. Open the wallet app and navigate to the two arrows icon.
  2. Tap on this icon and you will go to the swapping section.
  3. Here you need to select your network like Ethereum or BFIC.
  4. Now choose the coins that you need to swap.
  5. Enter the amount of a coin that you want to swap and you will see the other coin’s amount as well.
  6. Now tap on swap to swap your coins.

What Crypto Coins are Available on LoveWallet?

There is a huge list of different crypto coins and tokens on Love Wallet. Here is the list:

PolkaDotEthereum Classic
xDaiBinance Coin
NanoBitcoin Cash


How to use LoveWallet BFIC?

You can use LoveWallet BFIC on your smartphone and it is very easy to use.

Can I buy Bitcoin with Love Wallet?

Yes, you can buy any cryptocurrency or NFT asset using this Love Wallet.

Is Love Wallet safe and secure?

We can not say anything about it. Better for you to use it at your own risk.

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