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Have some burning questions? Do not know where to find answers? Here is the FAQ page of B-Love Network with answers to every question that may come to your mind. We have answered all types of queries from basic knowledge to the final destination. This will clear all your doubts and confusion about B Love earning app. Now you will get all the answers to your questions. So check out the FAQs below.

B-Love Network Questions and Answers


Get the answer to all of your confusing questions here:

What is B-Love Network?


B-love Network is a program based on the BFIC blockchain. It has a token called BLV. The system has an Android app where users can stake and mine BLV tokens for 500 days. After that, all the users will get 5x rewards to their staked amount. Also, this is a new cryptocurrency project with 10 million downloads from the Google Play Store.

Who is the owner of B-Love Network?


Mr. Omar Khan (OK) is the owner and founder of the B-Love network. He has a vast knowledge of blockchains and cryptocurrency.

Where to buy BLV tokens?


You can mine BLV tokens via staking of BLV tokens however if you want to buy them then you can use XchangeOn and get these tokens via ITO. You need to swap BFIC coins with BLV to buy them.

What is the percentage of daily rewards?


The daily rewards percentage is 1%. It is based on staked and invested amounts in B-Love Network.

What is the limit for a direct reward for every single referral?


You can earn up to 10% of each referral reward. Also, the total levels of the B-Love network are 15 and all have different ratios but 10% is the highest one.

What is the withdrawal fee for BLV tokens?


There is no withdrawal fee on the B-Love network. You can withdraw as many tokens as you want without a single penny fee.

What is the price of a BLV token?


BLV token was at two cents but after the second ITO, the price of the token increased to $0.06. So now many members will be in profit.

Is the BLV token listed on Binance and other exchanges?


Today, the BLV token is only available on Xchangeon. However, with the passage of time and improvements, the token will list on 50+ cryptocurrency exchanges.

What wallet supports BLV tokens?


BLV token is a native coin of Love Wallet so it is now only available on Love Wallet.

Can I re-stake my daily rewards?


No, you can not re-stake your daily rewards once you stake them. You will need to wait for 500 days before you get your 5x rewards.

Is any transaction fee for the withdrawal and depositing of BLV tokens?


Yes, there is a gas fee for the deposit and withdrawal of BLV tokens. This gas fee will be deducted in the form of BFIC coins. So you need to keep this coin in your wallet if you want to do any transaction with BLV tokens.

When will staking come to an end?


Staking of tokens will take 500 days to complete the staking process. No member can get rewards before 500 days. Every user must need to complete this time of staking in order to get the rewards.

How to use the B love app to make money without investment?


You need to join this program with a referral code to get 100 free tokens on signup. Then you need to stake those tokens to get 5x rewards after 500 days. Also, you will get a daily 1 BLV token from your staking reward. So in this case, you will not invest any amount but you will get a profit.

How to refer others to get referral rewards?


You need to send your referral code to the person to whom you want to make your referral. The person will provide that referral code while registering for this network.

How to get my referral code?


Open your B Love app and go to the team section. Here you need to tap on invite members with your referral code. Just send invitations to as many people as you can to make hundreds of referrals to get 10% of their earning rewards.

What is a private key?


A private key is a combination of unique numbers and digits to secure your account. You will get this key while you will be registering for this app. Make sure to copy and save this key to a safe place.

I have lost my private key, what to do now?


If you have lost your private key then there is no way to login to your account without that. Now you need to make a new account with a new referral code. Also, this time please take care of your private key.

I am getting an error while logging in to my account on the app, what to do?


If you are facing any kind of error when you are signing in to your B Love account then you need to make sure that you are using the correct username and password. Also, use the correct private key to login into your account.

Why are my rewards still pending?


The pending rewards are the reasons for the huge load on our server. As you know we now have over 10 million members who are using this app so sometimes we need to take a break to deliver the rewards. But you do not need to worry as your all pending rewards will be added soon.

How to stake BLV tokens?


You need to touch on a big red heart daily to start your mining and staking of BLV tokens. If you miss this routine, your daily rewards will also be missed.

Wrapping Up


So these are the questions that many users were asking us and we decided to add them with answers on a FAQ page so every user can get the answer to his question. We are pretty much sure that now you will get all answers to your questions and you are now fully aware of this program.


If you want to know about anything in more detail we already have explained all the things in our articles. You can read our guide articles to know about everything in complete detail. Thanks for being a part of B-Love Network. Happy earnings!


  1. Sir I deposited 547 blv token into my B LOVE WALLET to stake this amount but these token are deducted from my wallet and not being staked. Please solve my problem.

  2. I downloaded the app in my smart phone but couldn’t sign in as asking for referral code .where is the referral code ?where can i receive my referral code

  3. sir b love ka refferal reward kab upload hoga please tura jelde upload kare eid ke shopping kerne hai


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