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The Best Fintech Investment Coin or BFIC is a coin that is based on the BFIC blockchain. This blockchain is based on the latest tools that are prone to help in developing a new strong and beyond-the-limits economy. B Love Network is also a coin that is based on the BFIC blockchain network. We will discuss all the fundamentals of this blockchain network along with a discussion of the whitepaper of this project. 


Ethereum is providing an ecosystem that is very suitable for blockchain developers. This is the reason many of the new coins are based on this system. However, Ethereum has many limitations and complexities that make it harder to create a new ecosystem with more flexibility. However, with this technology, now we can bridge Ethereum-compatible blockchains with other blockchains like the Binance chain. So read this complete article to get all the information about this network and tokens.



Use Case of BFIC Blockchain


The purpose of the BFIC blockchain is to provide a bridge between Ethereum-compatible blockchains and other types of blockchains. Now developers can use both types of blockchains without any integration issues. Here are some of the most useful benefits of this network:

  • Easy to merge with all types of current blockchain systems
  • Frequently updating modules for better custom network development
  • Provide an adopter for interoperability between other blockchains networks
  • The security level is best and provides both modular and optional security as a service


Hence, the BFIC blockchain is the number one network that has the ability to provide features of layer 1 and sovereign blockchains.

How to Buy and Sell BFIC on XchangeOn?


If you want to buy or sell BFIC then you need to make an account on the XchangeOn crypto exchange. After the registration, here is how to buy and sell BFIC easily:

  1. Launch the XchangeOn app or visit the
  2. Now login to your XchangeOn account.
  3. Go to your dashboard and find the Trades section in the navigation bar.
  4. In the trades section, you can buy and sell BFI coins easily.

What is the BIFC Price Today?


If you want to keep in touch with the latest BFIC price then you need to download and install the XchangeOn app on your phone. The app has price charts of BFIC with different crypto coin pairs.


You can check the BFIC price today in INR, in PKR, and in dollars as well. No matter where you live, you can check prices in India, Pakistan, and USA.

Features of BFIC Blockchain Network


Now we will dive deeper to know about what are the extraordinary features of this blockchain so that we can understand its importance and value.

  1. Etherium Compatible


One of the first features of this chain is that it is fully compatible with Ethereum-related coins and blockchains. It also has readymade tools that developers can use without any hassle. It can be used for all types of coins that are based on the Ethereum blockchain.

  1. Advance Security Mode


With advanced legal security algorithms and custom execution protocol, the whole security system becomes foolproof.

  1. Expandability


With dedicated and scalable algorithms, the expandability of this system is beyond its limits.

  1. Compatibility


A perfect bridging system for tokens and the contract calls on different blockchain networks.

BFIC Technology


The crypto economy is very vast so why not take full advantage of this? However, with the ETH blockchain, you can not dive further due to certain limitations of this network. So this is where BFIC comes in. 


BFIC empowers the whole ecosystem with developer experience, the security of Ethereum, and the maximum features of other blockchains. This whole new system and technology offer a wide range of interoperability and security.

BFIC Coin Tokenomic


BFIC is the main token of the BFIC blockchain network and it is a fast-growing coin in the market. The main use case of this coin is to give rewards to miners who are mining this coin by adding new blocks to the blockchain. Also, it is offering rewards to users and validators who help in making transactions and provide gas fees.


The total supply of BFICoin is 21 million and it is equal to the Bitcoin supply. Here is the allocation of this coin:



allocation of bfic token


  • 02% >> Emergency funds
  • 02% >> Bounty
  • 03% >> Server maintenance
  • 03% >> Research and development
  • 05% >> IEO, ICO, Airdrops
  • 75% >> Rewards
  • 10% >> Team

Download the Whitepaper of BFIC Network


Download here


What is BFIC Network?


BFIC Network is a blockchain network that has many tokens like BFIC and BLV.

What is the price of BFIC in dollars today?


You can check the price in dollars on XchangeOn. The price fluctuates daily so you need to check it constantly.

Where is the BFIC price chart?


On XchnageOn, you can find the BFIC price chart with historical data as well.



This is the all-important information about the BFIC blockchain and we hope you will now have a better understanding of this project. If you need to know more about this coin then you can contact us.


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