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Today we are going to introduce you to the life history of Mr. Omar Khan (OK) who is the founder and owner of B-love Network and Innovation Factory. In this article, we will let you know what he said during his interview on YouTube. If you want to watch the interview on YouTube, we also have added the link below so you can watch it on YouTube.


However, below are all the details that he mentioned about his early life and how he started this B Love project and what were the hurdles he faced. So let’s check out more.






How It All Started?


Mr. Omar Khan started the interview with the background of his early life as a cryptocurrency trader. He mentioned that he used to leverage cryptocurrency trading when he was in Dubai in 2022.


During the interview, he said, “I used to lay down all night and keep a notebook and a pen aside from my bed. I close my eyes and start to think about the B-Love project. Whenever any important idea or point comes to my mind, I immediately write it in my notebook so I can remember it. It took almost 3 months to design this project.”


He also added:


I used to do future trading and one day I was doing leverage trading with $20,000 and I was at a loss of $14000. I planned that when I came out from the loss, I would take out my $20,000 and put that capital into my project. But even after two months, I was at a loss. Then I desperately decided to close the trade at a loss. So now I have left $6000. I took that $6000 and gave it to developers to start the development of the project.

Developing of B-Love Network


Mr. Omar Khan said that after closing the leveraged trade in a loss of $14000, he took the remaining $6000 and hired some developers to start the project. During the initial stage of development, he feels that this is a very big project and one person can not handle all the headaches that are going to happen soon.


So he decides to attach more people and make a proper team. He started with his close friends, colleagues, and relatives. He combined all persons into one strong team. All the other members also appreciate this project and concept. Mr. Omar Khan further added, I always thought that my project will be the only one with a 100% success rate and there will be 0% liability.

Why B-Love?


Mr. Omar Khan claimed that he was very passionate about the success of his project so he had a strong belief that this project will become a successor for the entire world. And now, B Love Network has 10 million downloads and active members which show he was right.


The major reason behind developing this project was to provide an earning program to normal people who do not know much about marketing, cryptocurrency trading, and stock trading. He had the goal to make every person able to earn so they can pay their bills, loans, and mortgage easily. So he decides to make an online earning program that will have a win-win situation so everyone can take a chunk of money from that program.

What Was the Strategy?


When talking about the strategy of the B Love network project, he said, if you have a community then each project of your ecosystem can be a successor. So with the strong willpower and help of the strong community, we decide to tackle every single problem with our hands in hand.

A Message to Everyone


At last, Mr. Omar Khan gave a moral lesson to anyone willing to do something extraordinary. He said that I haven’t slept well for the last two years and neither have I taken proper meals. I am focusing on this project.


He added if you want to chase your goals, then burn your boats and focus on the route to success. There is no shortcut to success. You must make sacrifices if you want to get achievements.

Final Verdict


So what have you got from this interview? If you also want to be a successful businessman then you have to compromise on your rest and stop wasting your time on useless things. Make some goals and start to chase them.


If you want to know more about the owner of B-Love Network, you can tell us in the comments. Thanks for reading!



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