How to Delete The B Love Network Account?

So you want to uninstall the B-Love app and you are not sure how to delete the B Love Network account? If it is the case then you are reading the correct article. In this guide, I will let you know how to delete your B-Love app account and how to uninstall the application. So bear with me and see how to perform this process.

Should you Delete Your B-Love Network Account?

Should you Delete Your B-Love Network Account

I can understand that you want to remove your account but before you do so, think about whether you really need to do it or not. Do you want to delete the account and get rid of this app or do you just want to make another account? Whatever the reason is, I will suggest you not delete your account.

However, if you have finally decided to delete the account then follow the below guide and check it.

How to Delete a Love Account?

One thing that you should need to know is that you can not delete the B Love Network account. Yes, you can not do it as there is no option there. The app of B Love Network does not have any feature for deleting the account. So there are only two options, either you can leave this network or you can make a new account.

If you want to make a new account then you can simply uninstall the app and reinstall it to make a new account. Below is the guide for you.

How to Make Another Account for the B-Love Network?

If you have lost or forgotten your private key then you do not need to worry. If you did not have any funds in your previous account then you can simply make a new one. There is no need to be anxious because of the forgotten Private Key as this is a very common issue.

All you need to do is make another account and start making money right now:

  1. Uninstall the previously installed B Love app.
  2. Install the app again.
  3. Now follow the registration process and make an account.
  4. Do not forget to use the referral code to get free 100 BLV tokens on sign un.
  5. Now save your Private Key in a safe place so you will not misplace it again.


If a user wants to delete the B-Love Network account then there is no need to do so. Just leave the app or you can make another account if you have lost your private key. You can make as many accounts as you want and use them to get free money.

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