Who is the B Love Network Owner?

We have been receiving so many queries about who is the B-Love Network owner and that is why we are publishing this article. This post will inform you who is the owner of B Love Network and what is the name of the owner as well. Also, we will tell you how this network developed and what was the reason behind introducing this cryptocurrency network. So read this article till the end and find out everything about the founder of the b love app and network.

Who is the B Love Network Owner and What is His Name?

omar khan

The owner of B Love Network is Mr. Omar Khan (OK). He is a man who is also a founder of Innovation Factory. He is a bachelor’s in computer science. In 2016, he started to study cryptocurrency, especially Bitcoin. After that, he founded one of the fastest-growing finance+tech company “Innovation Factory”. This company has many projects like BFIC Blockchain, B Love Network, and Fintech. 

What is Innovation Factory?

Innovation Factory is a finance and technology solution-providing company. The owner of the company is Mr. Omar Khan. This company has many projects and one of them is B Love Network. The company has its own blockchain which is called BFIC blockchain. This blockchain also has its own token which is called BFI Coin.

What is BFIC Coin (Best Fintech Investment Coin)?

BFIC is the native coin of Innovation Factory. It is based on a 3rd-generation blockchain. The tokenomics of this coin is 21,000,000 which is equal to Bitcoin’s total supply. The coin is still in the mining phase so you can get it through mining. Otherwise, you can also stake these coins to get rewards.

About Omar Khan (Founder and CEO)

omar khan owner

Mr. Omar Khan is a tech enthusiast. He is very passionate about cryptocurrency. He believes in changing the world with new ideas and projects. He also works hard to make this world free from plastic and paper currency. That is why he launched the BFIC coin.

Mr. Omar Khan is very inspirational about bringing a revolution in the technology and finance sectors. With his team of experts and like-minded ideas, he has already influenced the crypto market.


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